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Renault Servicing

We will only use 100% genuine Renault parts, and you can be confident that when your Renault comes here, it will be worked on by fully trained Renault technicians, who have graduated through the Renault school of technical excellence. and the correct equipment and tooling is used to ensure your Renault is serviced to the exact manufacturers standard, and more importantly check for any safety recalls, or refinements that are available only from Renault UK, to Rogate Renault, their authorised dealer network.

NB* Some vehicles may require addional products and/or services to comply with service scheduals. Rogate Garage will contact you in these circumstances with further info.

  • Twizy

    Twizy is pure fun! Its revolutionary design and architecture are guided by its function: to enveloppe you in complete freedom.

    Available as an accessory, a Bluetooth kit with a LCD screen. It lets you stay connected, browse directories and listen to your music.

    With a few simple bold ideas, a decade of applied research for cleaner energy, Renault Twizy brings an electric solution for living in the city, and it’s even more fun than you'd imagined.